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Fat Juliet

One Woman's Thoughts About Shakespeare, God, and AC/DC

Written and Performed by Bridget McCarthy
Direction by Lindsay Bytof
So grateful for the folks that came to F
     Born out of a love for stand up comedy and Shakespeare, this solo show explores snapshots of life as a young woman cobbles
together an identity and grapples with the way others see her.
      Performed as part stand-up, part movement piece, all
direct address, Fat Juliet invites the audience to participate
in a journey that is a love letter to the absurdity
of growing up, to first crushes, to image, to discovering sex,
to becoming a woman, to being part of a community, to dealing with trauma, and to finding true love.

Run Time: 63 Minutes

Available for Booking 

Rates Available Upon Request


"McCarthy's energy and verve as a performer are fierce...She is funny and confrontational and her confidence inspires us..."

—  Keith Waits, Theatre Critic,

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