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Mental Health Coordination:
A Critical New Role in Our Creative Spaces

Mental health coordination is a cutting-edge artistic practice that supports the wellness of every person connected to a creative project. A mental health coordinator is a vetted theatre or film artist AND mental health professional who operates at the intersection of those two fields. We use tools from both fields to support joyful, professional, accessible, inclusive, work for every human in the creative space.

This could mean:

  • Helping an institution integrate trauma informed pedagogy. 

  • Consulting on a professional production that depicts mental health crisis or substance use.

  • Facilitating challenging conversations or community decisions. 

  • Choreographing a scene of traumatic action, so as to keep actors and spectators safe. 

In January of 2022, Amanda Edwards and Bridget McCarthy joined forces to create the Association of Mental Health Coordinators, and provide this critical services throughout the country, and critical training through the world. 

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