Mission Statement:


To harness the power of storytelling to amplify underheard voices, and create spaces of empathy, vulnerability, and compassion in order build a more connected and just city. 

The Vision of AtlantaSpeaks! :


To create pockets of radical hospitality, empathy, vulnerability, trust, and compassion to support Creative Circles throughout our city. 


To explore, discover, and distill the voice of the Circle down to a story that can be shared through an artistic medium. 


To honor the process of making this new piece of art in a way that honors, challenges, and lifts up each participant. 


To share this piece of art with a wider community, crushing any and all barriers to accessibility in a way that promotes strengthening community, social discourse, policy change, and neighborliness

To build a stronger culture of accountability, leadership, creative problem solving, teamwork, and empathy.  

©2018 by Bridget McCarthy.

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