My Story

I am a Michigan girl born and raised. My favorite animal is a giraffe...or maybe, elephant...wait, puppies. 

I fell in love with Shakespeare after visiting a Shakespeare Behind Bars Circle at a prison in West Michigan at the of 18.  After realizing the power of Shakespeare and theatre to empower under heard voices, I knew I wanted a piece of the action. 

After an incredible education at Hope College, I started my professional with the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company as Resident Ensemble member. During my time with them,  I became a facilitator with Shakespeare Behind Bars, discovering that my greatest joy was working with incarcerated people.

In my time since college, I have spent year in Atlanta training and performing with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company, then moved to a touring position with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. I've played messengers and princes, best friends and villains, warriors and wenches, death, a turtle, and an aardvark. 

I am fascinated by the role of gender in classical work, re-imagining Shakespeare to explore current issues, and using theatre to amplify stories that deserve to be heard.  My work as a teaching artist brought me to schools, prisons, universities, ​and community centers across the country. 

When I am not on stage as an actor, you can find me performing and writing at various open mics and comedy clubs around the city, hiking at the closest state park, swimming in a lake, or at a coffee shop. If you have a cute dog with you, I will request to pet it. 

What Other People Have to Say

"Now, if you’ve heard that wide-eyed Bridget McCarthy steals the show, I can confirm that one. "

Bridget Rednam, Encore Michigan

"The brilliance in McCarthy's work was the comic extent to which her characterizations reached and her physical connection to the language...with aplomb and brilliant comic timing."

Joel Schindelbeck, The Rapidian



"It's the kind of moment when a play hits a perfect bulls-eye...especially McCarthy who does heart-breaking and detailed work as Mary Jane..."

Noah Goldman, On Stage Blog

©2018 by Bridget McCarthy.

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